Open J Psychiatry Allied Sci. 2024 Feb 28. Epub ahead of print.

Development of conduct disorder in post-Covid period due to excessive use of social media: a case report.

Yadav JS, Dixit S, Swain GK, Jaitly A, Sahu S, Singh A.


Background: The Covid-19 pandemic imposed significant challenges on adolescents, impacting their mental health and behaviour. This case study aims to elucidate the development of conduct disorder in a 14-year-old girl linked to excessive social media use during the post-pandemic period. The study delves into the interplay between environmental stressors, technology exposure, and resultant behavioural changes in vulnerable populations. Case description: The case involves a previously well-adjusted adolescent girl whose behavioural shift emerged concurrently with increased multimedia exposure during online schooling necessitated by the pandemic. Excessive social media engagement led to academic decline, conflicts at home, and ultimately, a diagnosis of conduct disorder. The patient’s fixation on mobile phones intensified, leading to severe behavioural disturbances, including theft, manipulation, and suicidal tendencies. Conclusions: The case highlights the profound impact of environmental stressors, particularly the influence of increased multimedia exposure during the post-Covid period, on adolescent mental health. It underscores the intricate relationship between technology use, susceptibility to addictive behaviours, and the exacerbation of conduct disorder symptoms.


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