Open J Psychiatry Allied Sci. 2018;9:144-8. doi: 10.5958/2394-2061.2018.00028.9. Epub 2018 Jan 18.

Mass psychogenic illness among school children: a descriptive study of demographic and clinical variables.

Ghosh P.


Background: Mass psychogenic illness are reported from across various parts of the world since a long time. The symptoms are varied and may mimic the established diagnostic category like conversion or dissociative disorders. Methodology: All the affected students were assessed using a semi-structured proforma. Results: Descriptive statistics were used for fifteen students of a high school who developed dissociative trance and possession symptoms in rapid succession with significant impairment. Discussion: The majority of the students were from rural background and had history of childhood trauma. The affected students could be clearly divided into two groups on the basis of symptomatology, level of impairment, and religious belief. Conclusion: Prompt intervention and responsible media coverage could help in terminating the episode.


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