Schizotypal disorder
Dipak Dutta
Author is Postgraduate Trainee of Psychiatry at Silchar Medical College Hospital, Silchar

A 40 years old married Hindu male, educated upto class ten, defense personnel by occupation, referred by medical board to psychiatry outpatient department for opinion and admitted thereafter for observation and evaluation with chief complaints of feeling low, lack of interest in pleasurable activities, feeling of low confidence, suspiciousness for seven years, increased for the last four years, with precipitating factor of quarrels in family and change of unit in which he was posted.
There was history of treatment earlier with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia at one place and at another with a diagnosis of depression with psychotic symptoms, on irregular treatment, with a premorbid personality of depending much on his paternal uncle of making life's decisions and having few close friends.
Mental status examination revealed depressed mood of moderate intensity and constricted affect with ideas of persecution and no perceptual abnormality. His cognitive function was normal with intact memory, abstract thinking, judgement and reasoning, and insight level four. 
The provisional diagnosis of the case was schizotypal disorder (F21) with acute and transient psychotic disorder with associated acute stress (F23.x1).


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